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inside my head

Misconception Sea
I feel like I'm drowning in lies, and the harder I fight, the farther I sink. Sometimes  I feel like I'm so close to breathing in the lies. But You always deliver me. You always reach Your hand out to save me from taking that breath and instead pull me back above them to breathe clearly. You show me how to be alive in a world full of misconceptions. You give me hope. Thank You.
Sometimes I wonder why You stay when I was the one who killed You. But You hold my hand anyways, even when Your blood is on mine. Sometimes I stumble on the lies again and fall back down, but You never leave me alone to drown as You could. Thank You.

Love,  Your child. 
Child of the King
My King. You have loved me since the beginning of my time. No matter how much I tried to run, I could never hide from Your love. I couldn't deny it.  I can't deny the way You tear down every wall that I build and give me life to breathe again. Your love is the only thing that I can feel when I can't find myself and when I'm so lost in life. You give me peace; unexplainable peace. You give me understanding when the world can't tell me why I should be alive. You give me purpose when the world says I can't do it right. 

There's never a moment that I'm not loved by You, even if I can't see or feel it. Your love remains true, even in my darkest hour. You always come through. Thank You.

Love, Your child.
Message To You
Heart racing. Glassy eyes. Sweaty hands. How can I approach You at a time like this?   I don't think I can ever recompense the way You take the anxiousness in my darkest hour and throw it back into that darkness. You take initiative and show me how beautiful my soul can be, even when I feel so dirty. Please. 

I know I mess up all the time, but please give me time. Give me time to regroup. Don't walk away when I tell You to, please stay for a little while. Take my hand and my thoughts. Remind me how it feels to be okay right now. Take my life and my all, it's all Yours. Just as it was from the start and has always been. Please. 

Love, Your child.
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